ISBS 2021

ISBS 2021
04 Sep 2021

We are happy to give a short insight to our gaitway 3d and its advanced connectivity with the QTM software as part of Qualisys' presentation at the ISBS 2021. 

As part of Qualisys' Presentation at this year's (virtual) ISBS on Saturday, 04th September, 10 am CET, our Dr. Björn Zimmermann will give a brief overview on the h/p/cosmos gaitway 3d force measuring treadmill within the Qualisys data capturing process. 

Learn more about the force instrumented treadmill by h/p/cosmos, its unique capabilities and features for biomechanics. Beside measuring 6 component ground reaction forces, it can optionally be combined with a pressure distribution sensor deck to provide even more data in walking and running.
The kinetic data from the gaitway 3d can be transmitted digitally to the Qualisys platform for further processing.