3 days left until Webinar #2

03 Aug 2020
3 days left until Webinar #2
Next Thursday, 06th August 2020 at 06.00 pm, we will continue our free webinars handling the topic "gait and treadmill therapy" with Sabine Lamprecht from Team Lamprecht Neuro-Fobis.
Following the successful launch of our webinars, the second of three free webinars will focus on "symptom and disease specific approaches in gait- and treadmill therapy with neurologic and geriatric patients".
In 45 minutes time, Sabine Lamprecht (M.Sc. Neurorehabilitation) will give a practically oriented approach to the topic and answer the audience's questions afterwards.
Major topics of the second webinar will be:
- dedicated approaches for stroke, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease and geriatric patients
- gait- and treadmill therapy in spasticity
- gait- and treadmill therapy in ataxia
The webinar will be held in German language.