Registration for Webinar #3

10 Aug 2020

The third and last webinar on gait- and treadmill therapy by Sabine Lamprecht and her Team Lamprecht Neuro-Fobois will take place on Thursday 20st August 2020 at 06.00 pm CET. The final webinar will focus on "motor learning in gait- and treadmill therapy".

In approx. 45 minutes time, Sabine Lamprecht will give an evidence based but pracitally focussed insight to the chances of motor learning in gait- and treadmill therapy. As already known from the first two webinars, a live patient will enable the transfer of theoretical knownledge to practice and be one of the hightlights!

Major topics of the third free webninar will be:

  • Adaption of gait- and treadmill therapy to the learning phases
  • How can a patient ideally learn to optimize his gait?
  • How can I as a therapist interact with the patient and alter his gait in the best way?


In case you would like to review the first two sessions or if you'd like to share it with your colleagues, we have recorded the first two sessions for you and the teams!

Webinar on "the value of gait and treadmill therapy in rehabilitation"

Webinar on "disease specific approaches in gait- and treadmill therapy" 


We are very much looking forward to the last webinar, many questions and vivid discussions!

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