objective measurement

The objective measurement of such data, combined with an integrated video acquisition, allows monitoring of a patient’s condition on a constant basis, detecting problem areas, assessing mechanical inefficiencies and rapidly verifying the existence of asymmetries between the two legs. The software platform allows easy storage of all tests carried out and the ability to recall them instantly if necessary. It is also possible to compare very quickly and easily data of tests carried out at different times, in order to assess the validity and the efficiency of the methodology applied. Integrated optical LED Motion and Gait Analysis system with software solution

Following Gait parameters are captured in real time:

  • Stance phase
  • Swing Phase
  • Single Support
  • Total Double Support
  • Step Time
  • Initial Double Support
  • Terminal Double Support
  • Step Time
  • Gait cycle
  • Step length
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Cadence
  • Total distance
  • Contact Phase
  • Flat Foot
  • Propulsive phase


  • measures: approx. 10x30x190cm
  • mass: approx. 15kg

compatible devices: h/p/cosmos quasar / pulsar (article description)

The further treadmill specifications are not influenced by this option.