• Digital, software-based video recordings with up to 2 cameras
  • Treadmill control for all h/p/cosmos treadmills parallel to recording with feedback and protocolling of all load data (speed, elevation, time, heart rate, distance) and allocation to the recordings
  • Creation of individual analysis patterns for different applications
  • Intelligent video management system in flexible data base the video clips are saved in the data base in accordance with the chosen analysis pattern
  • Separate saving of data can be omitted (but is possible optionally)
  • Medical history tool with information database:
  • accumulation with the most common gait and motion specific disorders with transfer possibility to the individual report
  • Integrated player for the analysis of several video clips
  • Video overlay of up to 8 videos
  • Full screen: for better overview all videos can also be shown in the full screen mode
  • Various 2D analysis tools such as gridlock and grid
  • Flexible 2D painting tools such as rectangles, tracking lines, arrows or text fields
  • Tools and measurement tools for the fast detection of angles and distances
  • Stroboscope-tool for illustration of complete motion in 1 picture
  • Pedography: possibility of presentation of measurement values of established pressure-measuring systems synchronous to the video recordings
  • Definition of gait specific situations (e.g. first peak, standing phase) for faster synchronisation and easier analysis
  • Report function for creation of individual reports with customerlogo and personal layout

system requirements

  • PC or Notebook with
  • Intel Core i5, min. 2,4 GHz or higher
  • For high speed-systems, we recommend Intel Core i7
  • Processors (4-core/6-core CPU with Hyperthreading) depending on camera type with 2,83 to 3,6 GHz.
  • SafeNet/Aladdin Hasp HL driver (haspinst.exe)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010
  • (vcredist_x86.exe)
  • .NET 4.0 Full Profile
  • DirectX 9/10/11 managed code update
  • Screen solution 1280 x 1024 Pixel or higher
  • min. 40 GByte free hard drive space
  • min. 4 GB RAM (8GB RAM recommended)
  • DVD-Drive, min. 8-fold (DVD-writer recommended)
  • free USB-Port for licence dongle
  • free PC interface ports corresponding with the amount of cameras to be connected
  • free RS 232 interface for treadmill control or free USB-Port with RS232 adapter


For the connection of the PC and the h/p/cosmos treadmill you will need an RS 232 interface cable (cos0097010035) and maybe a USB-RS 232 adapter (cos12769).

content of delivery

  • DVD incl. demo version of h/p/cosmos para graphics
  • h/p/cosmos para analysis as well as a full version of h/p/cosmos para control
  • licence dongle
  • including user manual h/p/cosmos para motion on CD (PDF-file, printed version on extra charge)