train high performance to get to the top

Since the year 1994 the discovery® is a successful ergometer in the h/p/cosmos range of products and it has been sold to customers in many countries worldwide. The discovery® can serve as a fitness training device for endurance training but also can be used a high load ergometer for competitive sports and special applications such as fire fi ghters. The discovery® has even been used in a special design by special army research centers in environmental chambers under special controlled climate conditions. By using special grip technics and grip positions different groups of muscles are activated. Due to the upright posture the muscles of the back and upper body are trained simultaneously. At the same time one has a stamina training for buttocks and legs as well as the coordination of the locomotor system which takes care of the joints. The impact is individually adjustable.

firefighter respiratory protection track

Performance diagnostics is the basis for optimal training not only in sports. Firemen as well have to train hard to be able to save lives in the case of emergency. The better the preparation, the more successful the fire brigade’s mission will be. Likewise this applies to the training. The more a test and its evaluation is performed on individual basis, the more precisely the training intensities can be determined. Effi cient training leads to success – physically and mentally. The h/p/cosmos ladder-ergometer discovery® has also been developed for realistic stress-tests and fi tness training in the fire brigade’s training-courses world wide.

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