robowalk® expander system

leg cuff thigh, size S (colour code red, for thigh circumference 250 ... 390 mm / 9.8“ ... 15.4“) for robowalk expander

232,05 €

1 pair consisting of 2x
Thigh cuff size SMALL
For fixation of the elastic cables of the h/p/cosmos robowalk expander to the patients thigh.
3mm cushioning, one side sticking coated.
For thigh circumference 250 - 390mm (9,8" - 15,4")
With attached velcro point, surrounding polyester belt, two attached fixpoints (triangle), 1 buckle, attached h/p/cosmos sticker, size label, text label and left/right marking.

robowalk® expander F 150/50

3.242,75 €

The h/p/cosmos robowalk is a rubber cable pull system for h/p/cosmos treadmills.

The patient's legs are attached to the rubber cable pulls via cuffs. These give motion support or resistance during gait motion. Especially the motion support that is given by the rubber cable pulls/expanders is a valuable help for patient and therapist to carry out the exercises longer and more physiologic and thereby to get better training results.