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Safety arch 75 with harness & chest belt / stop function

3.986,50 €

In case the subject falls, the subject is caught and the treadmill- ergometer stops automatically.


  • 1x cos14903-04-M chestbelt system for safety arch harness, size M
  • 5 rope outlets for more variable running positions (distance of the outlets 10 cm / 4 ``) for h/p/cosmos treadmills with a running belt width of 75 cm (2´5´´)

consisting of:

Automatic speed control position control

5.301,45 €
Automatic SpeedControl Software for LED bars on the h/p/cosmos treadmills.
article number: cos100699_LED
manufacturer: Microgate, Italy
- Software for automatic position detection of the subject through LED sensor.
   CAUTION! The LED sensor bars and prices are not included in this article!
   The LED sensor bars have to be ordered additionally with following numbers:

MCU6 UserTerminal with TouchScreen for MCU5 remote control

3.332,00 €
Technical data UserTerminal
Height: 313mm
Width: 356mm
Depth: 84mm
Power supply: 10 VDC ... 24 VDC (via external power supply unit)
Power consumption: min. 15 Watt ... max. 22 Watt
Standby operation: 16 Watt
Operating temperature: min. 0° C ... max. +50° C
Storage temperature: min. -20° C ... max. +55° C
Air humidity: min. 10 ... max. 95

Deck hard for 170/65 (less cushioning)

357,00 €

for h/p/cosmos running machines with deck size 170-190/65.

The original rubber elements for shock absorption on the running deck are replaced by steel elements. This is to make the deck much harder and the subjects has lower energy consumption. But the load and shock on the subject also is increased and may cause health problems and injuries similar to running on hard asphalt on the street. The only remaining shock absorption is the running shoe, the running belt surface and the running machine frame with elevation element.