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Handrails adjustable 150/50

2.183,65 €
handrails adjustable in height and width at both sides for the h/p/cosmos treadmill 150/50 (mercury from 04/2019).
The UserTerminal is eccentrically mounted at the crosstube (80 x 80 x 720mm) of the vertical front handrail tubes. The width adjustment is made by turning of two swivel arms with a covering of +/- 80 degrees from the center position. The swivel arms are fixed to the locking bar with serrated discs. The height adjustment is done in steps of 25 mm by pulling the locking bar up or down in the guiding tube while the locking bolt is pulled. 

Reverse treadmill belt rotation

1.184,05 €
h/p/cosmos reversing treadmill belt rotation 150/50 G6 mercury applications: for downhill running up to maximum elevation (for treadmills with elevation)
speed range: 0 … 5.0 km/h (3.1 mph) in reverse mode
no limitation in regular mode speed limit for reverse mode can be undone in case a fall prevention is used
control: via key-switch;
Turn the switch only when the running belt is not moving; 

LCD monitor TV 50'' (with a small monitor stand for table)

1.309,00 €
Energy efficiency class A + 
Screen size 116 cm (46 inches) 
Screen resolution 1920x1080 pixels 
Colour black 
Image LED backlight, 16:9 aspect ratio Full HD 
HD ready 1080p 
100 Hz Clear Motion Rate (CMR) 
PC resolution 1920x1080 pixels (max. pixel accurate view) 
Video Standards Hyper Real Engine, Wide Color Enhancer Plus 

h/p/cosmos PC-rack of steel, without PC, without devices

987,70 €
Stylish PC rack in white (RAL-colour 9010) made of powder coated steel in h/p/cosmos-Design. 
The ergonomically designed pc rack offers a total of 3 stacking tray (e.g. for computer, printer, paper, pens, examination protocols, accessories, etc.) with a top surface reserved for keyboard, mouse, PC screen and someadditional items.
The h/p/cosmos pc rack is ideal for positioning beside h/p/cosmos running machines for PCs and notebooks directly connected to the  running machines interface.

Extension sling set 60 cm for h/p/cosmos airwalk®

166,60 €

Extending the unweighting vest for children or wheelchair use.

Consisting of:
2 adjustable slings, each of 110cm length
2 carabiners

Observe instructions and safety instructions! Max.patient weight: 300 kg (depending also on max. acceptable load of airwalk unweighting system) All weight-bearing parts should be inspected visually at least every of 12 months. At first signs of wear or damage the parts have to be replaced immediately. Untill the parts are replaced, the system has to be taken out of use.

airwalk® ap

15.583,05 €
description: body weight support device (unweighting device)
model: h/p/cosmos® airwalk ap
manufacturer h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh / Germany
order number: cos30028
applications: body weight support (during treadmill therapy/training) fall protection (during treadmill therapy/training) unweighted and/or secured balance training unweighted and/or secured functional and gait training overspeed/hyperspeed and excess frequency training