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Option emergency stop airwalk ap

1.892,10 €

Option emergency stop airwalk ap

This upgrade allows the user to use the h/p/cosmos airwalk ap for unweighing as well as fall prevention with treadmill stop function.

A free emergency stop socket is required at the treadmill. The pull switch is integrated into the airwalk ap.

Patient data see airwalk ap.

Chest belt S for safety arch

470,05 €
Chest belt harness with quick release buckle as a fall prevention system for a human on a treadmill ergometer. To be used in combination with an optional h/p/cosmos safety arch or airwalk ap unweighting device.
Max. user weight: 300 kg (660 lbs)
Webbing: Polyester / Polypropylene 45/50 mm black
Elastic: Polyester, Rubber
Fasteners: Aluminium, steel, plastic
Sizing chart:
Chest circumf.: color code (suspension)