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If you need additional assistance by one of our technicans or software experts, you can book our specialists here.

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If you need additional assistance by one of our technicans or software experts, you can book our specialists here.
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Installation, commissioning, instruction, maintenance and repair work only to be conducted by h/p/cosmos trained and authorized personnel. For treadmills with oversized deck (width >65cm), for children, special applications, without sufficient safety space behind the treadmill, for subjects and / or patients with health or other limitations (e.g. visual  impairment, etc.), for running at high speed and / or for all individuals, where a fall triggers a dangerous risk of injury or death (e.g. newly operated hip patients, invasive probes, etc.), a fall prevention system is obligatory (e.g. safety arch with chest belt and harness or a weight support system). For more information see the instructions for use. Safety space behind the treadmill: min. L: 2 m (6ft 6.74“) x treadmill width. Children are only allowed to be on the treadmill, if under permanent supervision and secured by a fall prevention system.

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Established 1988 in Nussdorf-Traunstein (South of Germany) h/p/cosmos stands for convincing technology, advanced design and safety in the production of running machines, treadmills, ladder-ergometers, sprint trainers (sprint ergometers), sports performance training and diagnostic systems as well as rehabilitation equipment. In the course of time, h/p/cosmos developed into a specialist for running machines and accessories in sports, medicine and research. Designed to last, functionality, precision engineering and the safety of the devices delight fitness people, athletes and coaches, patients and physicians worldwide.