Webinar qualisys
10 11月 2021

Webinar: gaitway 3d integration to Qualisys QTM 2021.2

Learn how to seamlessly integrate gaitway 3d force, torque and...

Global Sports PD Network
10 11月 2021

Global Sports PD High Performance Summit

On Wednesday, 10th November 2021, the Global Sports PD High Performance Summit will...

World Stroke Day
29 10月 2021

World Stroke Day 2021

Moments are crucial and literally every second counts, when it comes to a stroke. The World Stroke Organisation has rolled...

Zebris Webinar Jöllenbeck
14 9月 2021

Zebris webinar "Gait analysis & training in rehabilitation"

Webinar | instrumented treadmills |...

zebris webinar
10 9月 2021

Webinar: Gait analysis & gait training in rehabilitation

Our partner zebris will hold a webinar titled: Gait...

08 9月 2021

World PT Day 2021

It is World PT Day today! We would like to thank all physiotherapists for their daily effort and hard work! You are the ones that...

BMEC Anniversary
08 9月 2021

Happy Anniversary BMEC Pte Ltd

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Distributor and long-term partner on the...

06 9月 2021

Big machinery requires the big boys!

Last week, our big boys installed an oversize and high performance treadmill saturn 300/100r as...

AI medical
04 9月 2021

Happy Birthday AiMedical Pty Ltd

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ai MEDICAL PTY LTD!   We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate...

ISB 2021
04 9月 2021

ISB 2021

Qualisys, Noraxon, Velamed and h/p/cosmos joined forces at this year’s ISB congress! The live presentation from the biomechanics lab at the German...
02 9月 2021

Installation of a mercury med at

Around the globe, our local partners in distribution and service put their heart...

h/p/cosmos at the terraXcube
25 8月 2021

Climate Run at -39.5°C and +48.4°C at the terraXcube

In February 2020 Franz Harrer (President & CEO of h/p/cosmos) gave...

Reha Süd
24 8月 2021

Long-term partnership lead to long-term success

For more than 20 years, our sales representative Markus Maier has been...

Medical Device Classification Rules
23 8月 2021

Medical Device Classification Rules

A medical treadmill, which is used for physiotherapy, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, ...

Cycling on a treadmill | Performance sports | Science Update
20 8月 2021

Cycling on a treadmill | Performance sports | Science Update

These days the world's best athletes are competing in...

proxomed gloreiche 7
13 8月 2021

"Die glorreichen 7" campaign of proxomed

Our long-term partner proxomed released his treadmill portfolio entitled „the...

Microgate Optojump
03 8月 2021

Lamont Marcell Jacobs Olympisches Gold und Microgate OptoJump

Yesterday, Italy’s sprinter Lamont Marcell...

h/p/cosmos Fluthilfe
23 7月 2021

Fluthilfe mit kostenlosem Therapie-Laufband Leihgerät

Ganze Landstriche wurden in der vergangenen Woche durch...

Arab Health 2021
23 6月 2021

Arab Health 2021

Over the past days, Dubai has been the hotspot for the global medical industry. h/p/cosmos Managing Director and Sales Director...

quasar MCU6 Höhentraining
21 6月 2021

Installation of a quasar® MCU6 in a cable car

Mobile altitude training in a cable car? No problem for the specialist team at h/p/...

Arab Health 2021
14 6月 2021

Arab Health 2021

With declining pandemic figures, live tradeshows start to regain pace! Arab Health is one of the leading tradeshows for medical...

Annual Service Structure Training 2022
11 6月 2021

Annual Service Structure Training 2022

From Monday to Wednesday, 15 of our German-speaking technicians virtually attended the...

Behind the Scenes
26 5月 2021

"Behind the Scenes" with FREI Medical

Some weeks ago, we had the pleasure to get another glimpse behind the scenes of a movie set!...

Rückgrat Emmendingen quasar
25 5月 2021

Installation of a quasar® at Rueckgrat Emmendingen

‚Nothing can stop us!‘ – following this slogan, an installation of a quasar...

Prof. Dr. Wildor Hollmann, Harrer, Böck
18 5月 2021

Nachruf Prof. Dr. Wildor Hollmann

Danke, Professor Wildor Hollmann! Mit grosser Trauer erfüllt mich die Nachricht, dass am 13.05.2021...

HNO Kongress 2021
12 5月 2021

ORL HNS-Online Congress 2021

On May 12th-16th the German Society of ORL HNS will held its annual meeting and celebrate its 100 year...

Tag gegen den Schlaganfall
10 5月 2021

German Stroke Day

Today, 10th May is ‚stroke day‘ in Germany. With more than 1.8 million people in Germany suffering from the consequences of a...

25th Anniversary Richard Schmidt
13 4月 2021

25th Anniversary of Richard Schmidt

On 11th March 1996, Richard Schmidt joined the h/p/cosmos family. He started his career as an...

world health day 2021
07 4月 2021

World Health Day 2021

Today, 7th April 2021 is #worldhealthday. In line with our slogan “Those who want to learn to walk, must walk!” we are...

National Biomechanics Day 2021
07 4月 2021

National Biomechanics Day 2021

Happy National Biomechanics Day 2021! Our gaitway 3d (available in sizes from 150/50 to 190/65) is the...

mercury at the guizhou industry polytechnic college
01 4月 2021
happy easter 2021
01 4月 2021

Happy Easter

Seasonal greetings to you, your families and teams! Our offices will be closed form Good Easter to Easter Monday. We will be back in the...

31 3月 2021

Insight to the beast (saturn 450/300 rs) in Ruhpolding.

Around the globe, performance sports and Olympic training centres rely...

MCU6 features
05 3月 2021

New features for MCU6 UserTerminals

Attractive new features for MCU6 UserTerminal for the new h/p/cosmos quasar treadmills: step...

12 2月 2021

Environmental & Climate Chambers

The past year demonstrated, that sometimes you need to think outside the box! If you are not able...

velamed noraxon webinar
10 2月 2021

EMG-Online Seminar

veranstaltet von VELAMED / Noraxon in Kooperation mit unserem exklusiven Händler in Österreich Süss Medizintechnik GmbH Die...

30 1月 2021


Over the past months, you’ve continuously seen Florian Neuschwander on our treadmills! Today, we are happy to unveil the project #beat100flow...

30 1月 2021

#beat100flow - the event

Today, #beat100flow is taking place! As of 09.00 am CET, Florian Neuschwander (@runwiththeflow) is attacking the world record...

30 1月 2021

New World Record 100km on a treadmill #beat100flow

Yesterday morning ultra runner Florian Neuschwander entered a small...

great summit 2020
29 1月 2021

Great memories on the GReAT Summit 2020

Great memories were created 1 year ago in January 2020 during the Fourier Intelligence...

#beat100flow warmup run
27 1月 2021

#beat100flow warm up

It’s time to get ready for project #beat100flow ! Today at 7.00 pm CET, @Florian Neuschwander will do his final treadmill session...

Diakonissen Landau
22 1月 2021

Successful installation at the Diakonissen Landau

Installations and trainings can be challenging in the current situation –...

distributor meeting
20 1月 2021

Virtual Distributor Meeting 2021

Dear partners & friends of h/p/cosmos, As we step into another year, we hope you, your families...

Hands-on demo of the MCU6 UserTerminal
18 1月 2021

Hands-on demo of the MCU6 UserTerminal

While it’s snowy at our headquarter in Southern Bavaria, Founder & President Franz Harrer...


seasonal greetings 2020
23 12月 2020

Seasonal Greetings from h/p/cosmos

Dear partners & friends of h/p/cosmos, We hope that you, your team and family are in perfect...

Florian Neuschwander on the quasar MCU6
19 12月 2020
safety update: domestic installation
10 12月 2020

在家用电气装置中使用不正确的剩余漏电动作保护器(RCD / RCCB)会有危险。


Qualisys Virtual User Group Meeting
09 12月 2020

Qualisys' Virtual User Group Meeting - UK & Ireland

3D motion capturing systems bear great potential –...

bad mail alert
30 11月 2020

Fake e-mail warning ⚠️

Dear business partners, customers and friends, We received information that a few fake emails have been sent to some of...

21 11月 2020


运动表现力测试是成功为休闲或耐力训练运动员设计运动计划的重要基础。通过Fokus Diagnostik研讨会:您将有机会详细了解运动表现力测试的范围及其参数,...

Qualisys Virtual User Group Meeting
19 11月 2020

Qualisys' Virtual User Group Meeting - Northern Europe

3D motion capturing systems bear great potential –...

saturn 300-125r at the CEGEP Regional de Lanaudière
19 11月 2020

加拿大 CEGEP Regional de Lanaudière的saturn® 300-125r成功安装!

一些特殊的专业运动项目需要大型的跑台进行训练和测试。 几天前,...

Customer Success Story
17 11月 2020

客户故事 “所流的汗水都是值得的!”

今天,我们要分享一个鼓舞人心的客户故事“所流的汗水都是值得的!” 自雇屋顶工作者卡尔海因兹(Karl Heinz)于2017年低从楼梯上摔下来后,生活和工作都受到了极大的影响。诊断:身体的5/...

Qualisys Virtual User Group Meeting
17 11月 2020

Qualisys' Virtual User Group Meeting - Southern Europe

3D motion capturing systems bear great potential –...

Patrick Lange in his private gym
05 11月 2020

在Patrick Lange的健身房成功安装quasar®MCU6!

我们很高兴分享获得两次铁人三项世界冠军的顶级铁人三项运动员帕特里克·朗格(Patrick Lange)的私人健身房内景。几个月前,...

Patrick Lange on the gaitway 3d
29 10月 2020

Testing to improve! Ironman World Champion meets gaitway 3d

Ironman World Champion and top triathlete Patrick...

pluto and airwalk ap at shatin hospital
29 10月 2020

Installation of an airwalk® ap & instrumented pluto® in Hong Kong

Some days ago our local distribution partner...

15 10月 2020

Webinar "Future of Gait Training & Gait Analysis"

We are very much looking forward to being part of Fourier...

h/p/cosmos technician basic training 2020
30 9月 2020

Successful service basic training 2020

Looking back on more than 30 years of experience and production, our service technicians...

Christian Hasler at the airwalk ap and quasar MCU6
28 9月 2020

next level.running成功升级加装airwalk® ap

在位于德国Schweinfurt的Next Level Running总部,我们成功对配置有MCU6用户终端(包括触摸屏,Windows 10,...

h/p/cosmos Webinar Force meets Pressure
24 9月 2020


FORCE MEETS PRESSURE. The future of gait and running analysis – Biomechanics ahead of time!...

24 9月 2020


“FORCE MEETS PRESSURE”。步态和跑步分析的未来——生物力学的发展先锋! 来自Velamed和Noraxon公司的合作伙伴将和我们携手一起,邀请您参加欧洲中部时间(CET)...

The team of Jörg Schäffler at the new quasar
24 9月 2020

Installation of a quasar® med at the SLK Clinics Heilbronn (GER)

Many new buildings and changes can be seen right from...

11 9月 2020

英国利兹贝克特大学(Beckett University)成功安装gaitway®3d跑台


04 9月 2020

维也纳Wien Baumgarten康复诊所的步态训练

步态分析的应用多种多样,而每一种应用都旨在改善患者的步态和健康。 位于维也纳的康复诊所Wien...

02 9月 2020

祝贺法国 D’Arles Joseph Imbert医院成功安装pulsar跑台

几天前,我们在法国的独家代理商MGC Diagnostics在法国南部的D'Arles Joseph...

18 8月 2020

深入了解Testausasema Kotka(芬兰)中心

2018年底,我司芬兰的独家代理和服务合作伙伴Fysioline OY在芬兰的Testausasema Kotka中心成功安装了saturn 250/...

31 7月 2020

Validation of Microgate OptoJump | Biomechanics | Science Update

While most parameters, e.g. stride time,...

17 7月 2020

科技前沿 - 2020年7月

近期,德国科布伦茨应用科技大学(Hochschule Koblenz)位于雷马根(Remagen)的分校在h/p/cosmos pulsar®3p跑台上同时配合使用Unity Virtual Reality(虚拟现实)和Qualisys...

16 7月 2020


这三场网络研讨会中的第一场将侧重于“步态和跑台疗法在康复中的价值”。 网络研讨会将以德语举行。 立即注册!

Sabine Lamprecht in discussion with Alexander Boeck
13 7月 2020

与Lamprecht NEURO-Fobis团队合作举办Webinars网络研讨会


09 6月 2020

robowalk® 应用视频

 h/p/cosmos robowalk® 强身器系统可用于主动步态校正或步态训练以及康复的个人支持。 在过去的几天里,Rehalife Bolivia 的 Pedro Luis Pazo Mollineda...

06 6月 2020

位于 HSH Lamprecht的视频录制

2020年6月6日星期六,我们在位于德国巴登-符腾堡州Kirchheim unter Teck市的HSH Lamprecht 全新场所进行了视频拍摄。...

01 6月 2020


  h/p/cosmos gaitway®3d测试跑台是最精确的测试工具之一,可同时测量地面反作用力,扭矩和压力!我们的系统支持科学中的多种应用和研究主题。比利时的法语天主教鲁汶大学(catholique de Louvain)...

26 5月 2020

两台mercury® med 跑台在台湾新北市立土城医院成功安装

两台mercury® med长扶手跑台由我们长期合作的代理商大裕仪器有限公司(...

28 4月 2020

Ski rollers on an h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p

Within our portfolio of treadmills for special applications, we have a range of specialized...

28 4月 2020



27 4月 2020
08 4月 2020

Biomechanics Day 2020

Today is Biomechanics Day ! And when it comes to biomechanics, we proudly drive your attention to our gaitway® 3d...

07 3月 2020

GAMMA 2020

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch am 06. und 07. März 2020 beim 3. GAMMA-Kongress in München! Lassen Sie sich vor Ort von unseren Biomechanik- und...

04 3月 2020



13 2月 2020

与 proxomed 公司签署续约合同

在位于德国Alzenau的 proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH 公司总部,我们很高兴地和我们的合作伙伴再次签署了续约合同。一如既往地本着合作共赢的精神,...

09 2月 2020


2020年2月7日至2月9日,我们再次期待各位客户朋友们莅临我们位于德国斯图加特医疗康复展览会TheraPro的4E65展位 。此次,我们将与我们的合作伙伴zebris...

05 2月 2020

Condolence Dr. Abdelaziz ElNemr

It is with deep sadness and personal dismay that we learned of our dear friend Dr. Abdelaziz ElNemr from...

04 2月 2020

Insight into the Sylvan Adams Sports Institute

The Sylvan Adams Sports Institute again shares a glimpse into their state...

30 1月 2020

Arab Health 2020

From 27th to 30th of January, Arab Health 2020 will again take place and be the melting pot of the MENA region! Our sales director...

24 1月 2020

Training with Diacom-Chemteco Co. Ltd.

Today we welcomed the team of our distributor from Kazakhstan Diacom-Chemteco Co. Ltd. at our...

12 1月 2020

首届全球康复与辅助技术高峰论坛 (GReAT Summit 2020)

2020年1月12日,由全球康复与辅助技术协会(Global Rehabilitation &...


23 12月 2019

Seasonal Greetings from h/p/cosmos

The end of the year 2019 is right around the corner and Alexander Böck, Sales Director & Authorized...

07 12月 2019

第 26届 DGNR 年会

今年,我们将一如既往地与我们的合作伙伴 Zebris Medical GmbH 在由德国神经康复学会(Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurorebilitation e.V,)举办的年度会议行业展览会上共享45号展位...

03 12月 2019

MEDICA 2019 Review

From 18th to 22nd November 2019, we again presented our lastest developments, solutions and products in hall 4, booth K22 at...

23 11月 2019



18 11月 2019


我司今年将继续参加位于德国杜塞尔多夫的国际医疗器械及设备展览会MEDICA。 时间:2019年11月18日至11月21日 我们的展位:4号展厅K22 号,总计约90平方米。 届时,我们将提供广泛的心血管和骨科康复,步态分析和训练以及生物力学等的系统解决方案。...

24 10月 2019



19 10月 2019



11 10月 2019

2. zebris RehaWalk 用户研讨交流会

2019年10月11日星期五,Zebris Medical GmbH将在位于德国Insy(Allgäu)的公司总部为现有和潜在用户举办研讨交流会。...

03 10月 2019

Rééduca Paris

2019年10月3日至5日,我们将参加在法国巴黎举办的Rééduca。届时,我们将在我们的G74展位推广我们最前沿的创新成果和产品! 请发送电子邮件至sales@h-p-cosmos.com与我们预约会谈时间。 我们期待着与您见面。

21 9月 2019



15 9月 2019

美国第一台h/p/cosmos speedzone设备成功安装

隶属于亨利福特健康系统公司(Henry Ford Health Systems)的新建成的Detroit Pistons Performance...

12 9月 2019


2019年9月12日至14日,第124届德意志物理学会和康复医学会年会将在慕尼黑举行。 请访问我们的展台,您将获得robomove®...

31 7月 2019

ISB/ASB 2019

今年7月31日至8月4日,我们将参加在加拿大卡尔加里举办的第43届美国生物力学学会(ASB2019)暨第27届国际生物力学学会(ISB2019)大会。 我们的合作伙伴Noraxon USA将在他们的展位上展示我司创新的步态训练产品gaitway 3D,...

03 7月 2019

ECSS 布拉格 / 捷克

2019年7月3日至7月6日,我司将派出销售团队参加在捷克布拉格举办的第24届 ECSS (European College of Sport Science)年度会议。 地点:布拉格会议中心 会谈预约,请发送电子邮件至: [mail:...

12 6月 2019

ISPRM 2019 神户/日本

2019年6月9日至6月13日第十三届国际物理医学和康复医学世界大会(ISPRM 2019)将在日本神户举行。期间,h/p/cosmos 将会派出代表与世界各地的顶尖康复医学专家分享最新的科研成果和最前沿的技术。 会谈预约,请发送电子邮件至...

04 6月 2019

2019 国际体育与运动健康大会


03 6月 2019

h/p/cosmos与美国Noraxon U.S.A, Inc.的进一步深化合作

通过长期的市场检测和考验,目前全球客户已经非常信任我们集成了zebris Medical压力分布传感器的h/p/cosmos跑台...

28 5月 2019

ACSM 奥兰多 /美国


13 5月 2019

gaitway 3d开发者会议

我们重要的合作伙伴Arsalis,Qualisys和VELAMED以及其他一些客户于5月中旬齐聚我们位于德国Nussdorf-Traunstein的公司总部,在“gaitway 3d开发者会议”上讨论最新的创新和想法。...

update coscom v1 v2
08 2月 2019

旧版coscom v1和coscom v2接口协议的安全警告:

在旧版的coscom v1和coscom v2接口协议中,负速度命令(例如-0.5 km / h)会导致不必要的加速。 使用coscom...

25 1月 2019

Clone of Fachmesse & Kongress THERAPRO, 25.-27. Januar 2019

Die Fachmesse & Kongress THERAPRO informiert vom...


07 12月 2018

Clone of 7. Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der DGNR

7. Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation e. V...

h/p/cosmos MEDICA 2018
22 11月 2018

Clone of MEDICA 2018 Düsseldorf 12. bis 15. November 2018

Die weltgrößte Medizinmesse mit rund 120.000 Besuchern...

12 11月 2018

Clone of MEDICA 2018, 12.-15. November in Düsseldorf

Herzlich willkommen auf der MEDICA 2018. Besuchen Sie uns an unserem...

29 10月 2018

Clone of Medizinmesse CMEF Shenzhen, 29. Oktober – 1. November

Wir freuen uns sie vom 29. Oktober – 1. November...

27 10月 2018

Clone of Forum 2018 - Therapie im Aufbruch

Von der frühfunktionellen Therapie nach einer Verletzung bis zum Wettkampftraining....

04 7月 2018

都柏林3d力量测量 - ECSS 2018

请参观我司的#52&53号展位,了解我们用于速度,敏捷性和识别能力训练的最新产品speedzone 。 当然您还可以通过现场使用 gaitway 3d力量测量跑台获得步态分析数据。 我们期待在都柏林与您相遇...

21 4月 2018

SOMAREF Congress - Morocco

Rôle et Mission La SOMAREF veut améliorer les conditions d'exercice de la Rééducation Fonctionnelle de la Médecine...

15 3月 2018

KIMES 2018 - Visit our partner Kmtec on booth D700

After the Olympic Games is before the 34th International Medical...

h/p/cosmos treadmill pluto for gait rehabilitation at the APTA CSM 2018
21 2月 2018

APTA Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) with h/p/cosmos - booth #1627

The APTA Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) is...

29 1月 2018

h/p/cosmos at the ARAB HEALTH 2018 - Hall 3 booth G31

You are welcome to visit us at ARAB HEALTH 2018 in Hall 3 booth G31,...


18 6月 2017

有关我们新产品gaitway 3D振奋人心的反馈

2017年在科隆举办的ISBS(International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports)...

treadmill for gait analysis h/p/cosmos gaitway 3D / laufband für ganganalyse
18 6月 2017

Amazing feedback on our new gaitway 3D

Amazing feedback on our new gaitway 3D at the ISBS 2017 in Cologne. The customers came from...


11 5月 2016

RehaKongress 2016

Wir nehmen als Aussteller am RehaKongress 2016 in Baden-Baden teil.   Unser Reha-Experte Markus Maier ist für Sie vor Ort...


11 3月 2005

Field safety notice to the chest belt of the h/p/cosmos safety arch

this letter is a safety warning concerning the...

11 3月 2005

Field safety notice to ripcords for treadmills built in 2014/2015

Addressee: Users and operators of h/p/cosmos...