Biomechanics Day 2020

08 Apr 2020
Today is Biomechanics Day ! And when it comes to biomechanics, we proudly drive your attention to our gaitway® 3d!
We have committed ourselves to combine the best in class features in this system and are delighted that the h/p/cosmos gaitway® 3d is seen as one of the most sophisticated instrumented treadmills for biomechanics on the market! With its single belt technology, the combination of highly reliable 3d force sensors and the well-known pressure distribution measurement by zebris Medical, the gaitway® 3d provides outstandingly accurate scientific measurements of ground reaction forces and torques in three dimensions as well as pressure distribution. The system comes in three running deck sizes from 150/50 to 170/65 and 190/65 cm, each for its very own application like medical or sports medicine or biomechanics. It can easily be combined with MoCap systems from e.g. QualisysVicon or Simi Reality Motion Systems and with 2D high speed video, EMGs and IMUs by Noraxon USA.

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Demonstration of an h/p/cosmos gaitway® 3d with inclination module at the showroom at the headquarter in Nussdorf (DE).