New World Record 100km on a treadmill #beat100flow

30 Jan 2021
Yesterday morning ultra runner Florian Neuschwander entered a small gym in southern Bavaria near the h/p/cosmos headquarter. Some hours later, a new world record holder left the gym!
His long-term preparations and dedication to this event paid off well when he set the new world record for 100 km on a treadmill in exactly 6 hours, 26 minutes and 8 seconds. The small team on site cheered Florian across the full distance and especially carried him on his last kilometres. With special guests including Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange and many motivational video messages, the time flew by for Florian Neuschwander!
h/p/cosmos was glad to support Florian during his preparations and trainings as well as during the event with the most recent h/p/cosmos quasra MCU6 treadmills!
Congratulations Flow to this amazing performance!
You missed the event? The recording is available here:
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