Rehab roadshow across Poland

12 Apr 2024

Today is the last day of our Polish distributor Technomex’s rehabilitation roadshow! All 5 stop overs in Chorzów, Rzesow, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Wroclaw were almost fully booked and the therapists, trainers and application specialsts showed massive interest in the solutions displayed! Of course, the UserTerminal MCU6 was one of the key topics with innovative solutions like perturbation, built-in dual tasking applications and many more!

Thank you PHU Technomex sp. z o.o. for the tremendous effort to ship two quasar med treadmills, one of them even instrumented with zebris Medical pressure distribution measurement, an airwalk ap unweighting system as well as the active gait trainer robowalk to the locations and for the continuous presence of your applications specialists!

We are looking forward to following up on the numerous talks and discussions! It was our pleasure to join you for this roadshow!

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