h/p/cosmos Webinar Force meets Pressure
24 Sep 2020

FORCE MEETS PRESSURE. The future of gait and running analysis – Biomechanics ahead of time!


Together with our partners from Velamed and Noraxon, we hosted this webinar on Thursday, 24.09.2020 at 05:00 PM CET!

In course of the webinar we discussed features & benefits of the gaitway® 3d treadmill and reviewed brand new case studies on walking (medical) and running (sports) gait with force and pressure data captured with the gaitway® 3d in combination with Noraxon’s multi-device software platform MR3!

Click here for further information on the gaitway 3d!


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Webinar "Force meets Pressure. The future of gait & running analysis" / 24.09.2020