World Stroke Day 2021

World Stroke Day
29 Oct 2021

Moments are crucial and literally every second counts, when it comes to a stroke. The World Stroke Organisation has rolled out its #timeisprecious campaign for 2021 to raise awareness for the signs of a stroke and the necessity of immediate emergency care.

More than 15 Million people around the globe suffer from a stroke every year. Even though most of them are adults, also children can be affected. With the neuronal system getting harmed, communication and motoric disabilities can be affected and survivors might even stay in need of care.

Therefore we would like to draw your attention to the #timeisprecious campaign!

We are happy to support therapists and of course survivors with our therapeutic systems in their process back to normality and a self-determined life. We’ve created the perfect setup for stroke therapy with our active gait trainer robowalk®, the locomotion® treadmills and the airwalk® ap unweighting system! Get in touch with our team to find out how our systems can support you in your daily therapy!

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