Climate Run at -39.5°C and +48.4°C at the terraXcube

h/p/cosmos at the terraXcube
25 Aug 2021

In February 2020 Franz Harrer (President & CEO of h/p/cosmos) gave "the licence to kill" to our R&D team. The mission was to test the limits and even destroy the latest h/p/cosmos treadmill series model quasar and pulsar. We wanted to test the new MCU6 UserTerminal with TouchScreen and keyboard and see at which temperature it will refuse to work and even gets destroyed. 

Our team "successfully failed".

The treadmill even worked with the built in keyboard film at incredible temperatures of -39.5°C as well as +48.4°! 

Congratulations to the failure of this mission and thanks to the team for this extraordinary testing! Very well done! 


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Some h/p/cosmos treadmills are available optionally with modified special designs for climate chambers with extreme temperatures and humidity: cos14893-B65_1P-01

Climate Run @ -39.5°C and +48.4°C at terraXcube in Bolzano Italy