Cycling on a treadmill | Performance sports | Science Update

Cycling on a treadmill | Performance sports | Science Update
20 Aug 2021

These days the world's best athletes are competing in the Paralympics in Tokyo. All of them invested hours, days, months and years of sweat and intense training, in order to reach their personal maximum performance. On a regular basis, athletic performance will be put to test and accompanied by researchers.

With sizes varying from 75 to 125 cm in width and 200 cm (venus) to 300 cm (saturn) in length and speeds of up to 80 km/h, these treadmills are the perfect tool for high speed applications including (hand)bike. Numerous studies with athletes on wheelchairs or handcycles are performed on the venus and saturn oversize and high performance treadmill series. A latest study from a group of researchers is showing the effects of specific resistance training on the performance increase in handcycling. In this special setting, the athletes were able-bodied handcyclists.

Abonie, U. S., Albada, T., Morrien, F., van der Woude, L., & Hettinga, F. (2021). Effects of 7-week Resistance Training on Handcycle Performance in Able-bodied Males. International Journal of Sports Medicine.