Different metabolic & performance responses of runners wearing different footwear | Science Update

Patrick Lange on the gaitway 3d
04 Dec 2020

Recently we posted a short documentary about a testing of Patrick Lange, two times Ironman Hawaii winner, and three different shoe types, unveiling biomechanical differences detected by our 3d force, torque and pressure instrumented treadmill h/p/cosmos gaitway® 3d.

A new research paper from Kim Hébert-Losier et al from the University of Waikato, New Zealand now also demonstrated different metabolic responses according to shoe type, resulting in differences in running economy and 3-km time-trial times.

Below you find the repost of the testing of Patrick Lange, two times Ironman Hawaii winner and the first ever to finish Hawaii in under 8 hours, comparing his Adidas shoes – adizero adios pro, adizero boston 8, solarglide!


Click here to get details on the study:


Hébert-Losier, K., Finlayson, S. J., Driller, M. W., Dubois, B., Esculier, J. F., & Beaven, C. M. (2020). Metabolic and performance responses of male runners wearing 3 types of footwear: Nike Vaporfly 4%, Saucony Endorphin racing flats, and their own shoes. Journal of Sport and Health Science.


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Patrick Lange on the gaitway 3d