End-of-life / End-of-support for coscom v3: 31.12.2023

01 Apr 2023

The well-known UserTerminal MCU5 as well as the coscom v3 protocol were developed in 2007 and have been standard since 2008 for h/p/cosmos treadmills, ergometers and endless ladders. The new MCU6 UserTerminal will no longer support coscom v3, but only coscom v4!
By the end of 2023, most h/p/cosmos treadmills in sizes 170/65 (quasar series) and 190/65 (pulsar series) will still be available with both MCU5 and MCU6.
From Jan. 2024 approx. h/p/cosmos will start production of MCU6 also for the treadmill series pluto and mercury with running deck size 150/50cm.

From January 2024, availability of the MCU5 treadmills can no longer be guaranteed for all h/p/cosmos treadmill series and further products, among other reasons also due to the discontinuation (end-of-life) of some electronic components and chips, necessary for the MCU5.

This applies to all h/p/cosmos treadmill families:
treadmill h/p/cosmos 150/50 G6 (pluto®, mercury®)
treadmill h/p/cosmos 150/50 (locomotion®)
treadmill h/p/cosmos 170-190/65 (quasar®, pulsar®)
treadmill h/p/cosmos 170-190/65 3p (quasar® 3p, pulsar® 3p)
treadmill h/p/cosmos 200-300/75-125 (venus®, saturn®)
treadmill h/p/cosmos 450/300 (saturn® 450/300rs)

All MCU6 devices with TouchScreen but also LT-versions without UserTerminal only support coscom v4!
Upgrade your compatible devices and software to coscom v4 in time.
Update your tender specifications, quotations, brochures, websites and article texts in time.

Introduced in 2017, coscom v4 delivers significant improvements compared to coscom v3 and is the new and current h/p/cosmos standard for interface communication. Therefore, please upgrade your external host devices to coscom v4 in time to stay compatible. Also coordinate this with your partners that might connect to an h/p/cosmos device. 
Please also review our posting about the risks of non compliance of safety features.