Fake e-mail warning ⚠️

bad mail alert
30 Nov 2020

Dear business partners, customers and friends,

We received information that a few fake emails have been sent to some of our customers. The email which is attached below is fake and is not from h/p/cosmos!

Please delete that email. 

If you check carefully you can see the real email address of the sender and it is not any h/p/cosmos email.  But it is even very easy to fake the correct email of another person or company. 

So be aware that these days are many criminals out there and they have bad intentions. 

If you have any doubts you better call our office or Skype our team. All contacts can be found on www.hpcosmos.com

Sometimes criminals also may send you fake invoices and ask you to transfer the money to different bank accounts. h/p/cosmos only has bank accounts in Germany and not anywhere else. Luckily our email accounts and website never have been hacked so far. Hope this information helps. 

Keep safe and healthy!


Following is the fake eMail which has been sent in our CEO's name:


Subject: HELLO:



Do you have a moment to chat on email? I have an obligation that I would like you to complete ASAP.


Franz Harrer,
h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh
Am Sportplatz 8
83365 Nussdorf - Traunstein
Deutschland, Germany.