Freekickerz Performance Testing at the UKE Athleticum Hamburg

Performance Testing
20 Dec 2021

Professional performance testing takes place behind closed doors most of the time. One of the leading German YouTube channels “freekickerz” visited the UKE Athleticum in Hamburg and recorded in-depth insights to the procedures and analysis of such a performance test.

So if you ever wondered what a professional testing session might look like: this could be one of the closest perspectives you can get!

Once again, our medical grade performance treadmill quasar® med including safety arch, is the tool to rely on when pushing athletes to and beyond their limits. Knowing that a fall or stumble will not end your career can push the athlete to take the extra mile and achieve the unexpected.

Thank you freekickerz for this great video and UKE Athleticum Hamburg for the trust in our devices!

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