h/p/cosmos visits HSH Lamprecht - Ms. L.

h/p/cosmos zu Besuch bei HSH Lamprecht - Frau L.
27 Jan 2023
The fourth video of the video series "h/p/cosmos visits HSH Lamprecht - Praxis für Physiotherapie, Ergotherapie und Logopädie " shows the therapy and success of Ms. L. After a severe and very acute left cerebral haemorrhage with ventricular collapse, Mrs. L. immediately had right-sided paralysis and showed no reaction to pain stimuli during emergency first aid. Dysphagia and facio-oral apraxia followed.
After 7 months of rehabilitation, which primarily focused on dysphagia treatment, Ms L. sat in a wheelchair. The HSH Lamprecht team arranged for a splint fitting and started intensive gait training on the treadmill. After a few months, Ms. L. was able to walk again with crutches and in the meantime only a Nordic walking stick is needed. The gait training initially was done with bodyweight support and fall protection, later only on the treadmill with long handrails and forearm supports for manual stabilisation.
h/p/cosmos visits HSH Lamprecht - Ms. L.