Installation of 4 mercury® and 2 pluto® at the Ankara Bilkent City Hospital

03 Apr 2020
The whole h/p/cosmos team as well as our network of distributors and partners around the globe have taken measures to assure the level of safety and health but of course also the availability of products and service during the current time.
Just a few days ago, our distributor Elsa Ortopedi Rehabilitasyon Spor from Turkey installed a batch of 6 h/p/cosmos treadmills at the Ankara Bilkent City Hospital. 4 mercury® med with long handrails and 2 pluto® med with pediatric handrails - each device with a safety arch - were installed at the hospital, focussing on physical therapy and rehabilitation. We are very much looking forward to seeing these devices also in use at the therapy and rehabilitation of cardiopulmonary patients.


Based on a long partnership, a high level of professionality and a common sense of quality, the installations could be done professionally and quickly – a great performance, especially during the current situation.
Thank you, everyone at Elsa Ortopedi Rehabilitasyon Spor , for the amazing job!