Additional building, tools and staff for h/p/cosmos factory

hpcosmos trailer
10 Aug 2018

Additional building, tools and staff for h/p/cosmos factory.
Business is increasing also in the 30th anniversary year of h/p/cosmos.

Therefore h/p/cosmos recently inaugurated an additional building for increasing the production capacity for h/p/cosmos treadmills, ergometers and innovative fitness, athletic sports, sports science, medical and rehabilitation systems.
Franz Harrer, the co-founder of the year 1988, CEO and President of h/p/cosmos states:...
“We have been very lucky that the additional building used for welding, fitting, drilling and other steel processing work is just next door to our existing manufacturing plant and therefore accessible via forklifts in walking distance. Also a larger room for our R&D department is in the additional building which offers us more space for the research and development staff and their space demands for testing and developments.
Building #4 is an important step towards our big plan for the new factory, showroom and headquarter on our new land of 26,000 m² in Traunstein for the next few years.
I explicitly want to thank all customers, dealers, partners, suppliers and of course our h/p/cosmos staff for the great loyalty, trust and hard work over the last 3 decades to make this ongoing success story possible”.

Also a number of new and additional tools and machinery found their “new home” in building #4 of the current h/p/cosmos headquarter site.
So h/p/cosmos invested in a number of new drilling machines, welding machines, air pressure compressors, circular metal cutting saw, a brand new and sophisticated endurance testing stand for small and quite big size treadmills (e.g. testing of EN 957-6 standards and design/quality issues).
Also a new trailer for transport and logistic issues is in the h/p/cosmos fleet of vehicles.

Advertisements are out and online for hiring additional staff especially in the manufacturing (welding, fitting, assembling, etc.) and engineers for the R&D department. Technicians and engineers not only from the local area of Traunstein / Bavaria but also from abroad are welcome to send their CV and job applications to h/p/cosmos:

30 years h/p/cosmos … 3 decades ahead of time.