Metabolic testing in physiology labs | Sports & Biomechanics | Science Update

14 Aug 2020

Metabolic testing in physiology labs is the key to understanding how our body burns fuel!

Triathletes, Ironmen and ultra-endurance athletes perform on an outstanding level. At that level of sports performance, it is sometimes few percent in performance that mean the difference between winning and losing. Loughborough University has most recently published an interesting overview about Ironman, triathlon and ultra-endurance performance energy consumption and their metabolic testing.

When testing high performance athletes, the most accurate measurement systems are needed to get valid results. Besides other ergometers, Loughborough University relies on an h/p/cosmos saturn® 300/100 r oversize and high performance treadmill for their testing. As also material used for the tests has to be validated from time to time, the scientists tested both materials and methods. During one of these validations, Loughborough University benchmarked the breath-by-breath gas analysers (CPET) against the gold standard, the Douglas bag.

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Thank you Loughborough University for the trust in the h/p/cosmos treadmills!


PS: The treadmill referred to is the device we most recently shared some impressions of! Our exclusive distribution and service partner HaB Direct installed it back in 2003 and recently did a major service. The saturn® is still in excellent condition and a reliable tool for both academic research as well as performance testing!