quasar installation at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv

Sheba Medical Tel Aviv
24 Jan 2023

Some days ago our application specialist Dr. Björn Zimmermann hat the chance to join our Israelian partner ELDAN Electronic Instruments Co.Ltd. for a training at the department for paediatric rehabilitation of the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv. The system consists of a zebris instrumented quasar treadmill with the next generation userterminal MCU6, allowing precise pressure measurements on the treadmill to come up with the best diagonstics for the various impairments of the children. The airwalk ap unweighting system allows an early and safe start to the therapy while the active gait correction robowalk assures multiple repetitions on the treadmill. In combination with zebris’ visual stimulation, active gait correction becomes kind of a game to the children. The forest walk supports this game-like approach.

With our speedcontrol software (in combination with optogait bars), the treadmill auto paces its speed to the body position – a great benefit as no manual acceleration or deceleration is necessary.

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