Skiing & SKIMO applications on oversize treadmills | Training & Biomechanics | Science Update

skimo racing
21 Mar 2021

Winter has just returned to southern Germany and winter time is skiing time … but the winter 2021 is different.

Not only due to the pandemic-related traveling restrictions, many institutes and training facilities search for alternating solutions to perform their training. For decades, institutes around the globe have been relying on h/p/cosmos oversize and high performance treadmills, such as the h/p/cosmos saturn 300/125rs for skiing applications. A recent research by our valued customer, the Department of Sport and Exercise Science of the University of Salzburg (AT) examined the effects and predictors of performance and physiological response especially to SKIMO racing and ski mountaineering on their saturn treadmill. An extra large running deck, a very steep incline and a belt, that even resists metal blades from the poles, all packed in a durable treadmill is the perfect tool for researchers!

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Lasshofer, M., Seifert, J., Wörndle, A. M., & Stöggl, T. (2021). Physiological Responses and Predictors of Performance in a Simulated Competitive Ski Mountaineering Race. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine20(2), 250-257.


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