Webinar: Innovative treadmill therapy - focus: perturbation

Webinar Sabine Lamprecht Perturbation
30 Apr 2024

Increasing gait stability and fall prevention are common topics in gait therapy. The free webinar "Innovative treadmill therapy - focus: perturbation" by Sabine Lamprecht and her Lamprecht Fobis team provides a compact overview of the innovative possibilities of modern gait and treadmill therapy.

The theoretical introduction is followed by a direct transfer into practice on the device. The current series of devices with the MCU6 UserTerminal from h/p/cosmos can be used to trigger specific disruptive stimuli on the treadmill that simulate slipping or tripping. Patients can work on compensatory movements and strategies for these external stimuli in a safe environment, secured against falls by a safety arch.

As an alternative to the video below, you can also watch the video directly on YouTube.

Another webinar on "The Perturbation Module for gait stability. Setup, Applications & FAQ" in English and with a more technical focus (e.g. programming the profiles, different perturbation levels & applications, ...) will take place live on 7 May in the morning and afternoon with Dr Björn Zimmermann.


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Webinar: Innovative treadmill therapy - focus: perturbation