Prof. Norimitsu Kinoshita

Faculty of Sports and Health Studies, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan

„We have been using our h/p/cosmos treadmill heavily. Indeed we are depending on it. Thanks for the stability and reliability. The quality of the treadmill is extraordinary and it is a very useful tool for my studies. I´m also fascinated about the variety of system-solutions h/p/cosmos offers. They build professional treadmills for various research fields. We are using it in combination with VO2 max testing for athletes and patients. The installation of my very heavy oversize treadmill has been performed by h/p/cosmos in a very professional way.“ 


Dr. Matthias Marquardt

MARQUARDT RUNNING®-Institute, Hannover, Germany

„I am always on the safe side with h/p/cosmos treadmills because of their medical device registration. They guarantee 100% security for my patients. Moreover I need a secure and stable high-performance of the treadmill for the testing of professional athletes. This is guaranteed with h/p/cocmos treadmills.“ Dr. Matthias Marquardt is an expert for the treatment of  running injuries, one of the leading German running coaches, an enthusiastic user of h/p/cosmos treadmills and author of several books. At the MARQUARDT RUNNING®-Institute he educates runners, coaches, sports scientists and physiotherapists in motion analysis, performance diagnostics and running technique.


Dr. Christopher M. Powers

 Founder of the Movement Performance Institute, Los Angeles, USA

„The philosophy behind The Movement Performance Institute is human health and quality of life depends on the ability to move skillfully and efficiently. With the h/p/cosmos system solution for gait and motion analysis I can determine the cause(s) of any noted movement impairments in my clients. Because of this, I can help recreational runners as well as Olympic Gold Medalists to improve their running mechanics.”


Prof. Dr. Kuno Hottenrott

 Director of the Performance Diagnostics and Health Promotion Institute (ILUG®), Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

„We have been using the treadmill h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p in science and professional sports for more than 10 years. There has never been a breakdown of the treadmill all over the years. We could rely on the treadmill during our studies to 100%. We are convinced of the stability, reliability and durability. The drive engine is so powerful that very high strains for many hours are absolutely no problem.” Professor Dr. Kuno Hottenrott is one of the German top-experts for scientific based training and author of several books. www.sport.uni-halle.de

Richard Diaz

 Founder of Diaz Human Performance, Camarillo, CA, USA

„I have been in the sports performance business for nearly 2 decades. From my experience, when I set out to make an investment for my business, my first concern is reliability, then service. My h/p/cosmos quasar treadmill is a workhorse! My entire business is built around its functionality. I perform video gait analysis, gait correction, over-speed training and VO2 max testing and without this wonderful machine I would be out of business. Even more, being on the West Coast of California and h/p/cosmos being a European manufacturer, you would think, where service is concerned I would be challenged. In the past 6 years of ownership, I have had only one small problem and the service people at h/p/cosmos bent over backwards to support my needs. I could not offer a more resounding recommendation. These people understand and serve the needs of sports performance professionals like myself.“   www.diazhumanperformance.com

Nicole Gramsl

CEO Traunmed Sport- & Rehazentrum, Traunreut, Germany

„We have been partners of h/p/cosmos for over 20 years because their treadmills are like our TRAUNMED philosophy: strong, reliable and innovative - and in important moments „distinctly different“ - whether in sports or in therapy. We use the robowalk expander for core stabilization exercises in rehabilitation as well as for professional athletes. We can do a functional workout for e.g. soccer players on the treadmill. With this kind of training we can improve strength and coordination while the athlete is moving his body in a sport specific environment.“


Guido Bähr

Physiotherapists / Experts in locomotion therapy, physio_wiese, Göttingen, Germany

„We´ve been working work with the h/p/cosmos mercury med with safety arch, fall stop and robowalk expander for over two years. The focus of the applications is on patients with neurological deficits in gait, but we also treat patients on the unit with orthopedic diseases or other surgeries. And we have great successes! We can offer our patients through the integration of the h/p/cosmos mercury med in the treatment not only a multifaceted treatment, but we can also ensure a faster and more stable treatment success. Through the use of the mercury med treadmill and robowalk we are now in a position to provide all patients with deficits in gait a time appropriate and individually adapted facilitation of human locomotion. And now we can guarantee the highest possible security for the patient with the h/p/cosmos treadmill with safety arch compared to our previous, long-term therapeutic experience. Also the handling by the therapist is easier and much more comfortable. Thus, the h/p/cosmos mercury med has become an indispensable tool of our physiotherapy practice: those who want to learn to walk … must walk!” www.physiowiese.de

Lamar Lowery

 Personal Trainer, Book Writer and Founder of the Lamar Functional Training Academy,  Frankfurt / Main, Germany

„The h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p is an extremely powerful treadmill, which provides me with the safety arch with fallstop maximum safety when working with my clients. The wide running surface allows me to perform functional training exercises on the treadmill. In combination with the h/p/cosmos robowalk expander I have a big variety of training opportunities for interval training, coordination, and resistance training. My clients and I are delighted with the results of functional treadmill training.“