February 8, 2019

Safety warning for the old coscom v1 and coscom v2 interface protocols:

In the very old coscom v1 and coscom v2 interface protocols the command of a negative speed (e.g. -0.5 km/h) can lead to unwanted acceleration.
Do not send negative speed commands via RS232 interface when working with coscom v1 or coscom v2. Upgrade to coscom v3 or coscom v4 as soon as possible!

coscom v1 and coscom v2 will be deleted automatically from the MicroControllerUnits MCU5 during the next Firmware Update of the treadmill.
MCU6 never included coscom v1, v2 or v3.
MCU4 controllers (build from 1997 until 2007) cannot be updated but can be upgraded with MCU5 including coscom v3 and coscom v4.
For MCU1, MCU2 and MCU3 controller in UserTerminals (build from 1988 until 2001) no updates or upgrades are available.

Important update from coscom v3 to coscom v4:

From January 2019 please use coscom v4 for control of h/p/cosmos and relevant OEM treadmills.
coscom v3 is still a very safe protocol and remains supported at this stage.

However, coscom v4 has additional safety features (initial re-confirming of treadmill start, compulsory failsafe instead of optional, etc.) and includes basically all essential commands required for treadmill control.
coscom v3 and coscom v4 are not fully compatible due to different structures.
coscom v3 still remains active for updating treadmill MCU5 firmware and also for implementation of functions such as keyboard and LED simulations, MCU5 optional functions, etc.

A description of coscom v4 please download here:

End of support for older coscom.dll (v1 and v2)
The support for all older coscom® files (including coscomekg.dll version 1.00 and coscom.dll version 1.2.9 and also including coscom v2) ended on 31.12.2010 as announced earlier in 2010.

Please upgrade in time to the new coscom v3 .NET Objects and coscom v3 .NET Controls or better to the latest coscom v4.

Please note also, that the older versions of coscom v1 and coscom v2 are not designed and not documented based on IEC 62304 (Medical device software - Software life cycle processes) and ISO 14971 (Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices).

Therefore from March 21, 2010 it is obligatory to upgrade to h/p/cosmos coscom v3 or coscom v4 in order to stay compatible with the latest norms, latest safety standards and Regulatory Affair Issues when connecting to h/p/cosmos medical treadmills.

The safety of all users and operators, ensured by 100% function, performance, quality and safety of our products, is our top priority. Therefore we forward field safety notices, information and warning letters to our customers and service partners even for cases, where the probability of a defect and the severity of a possible injury may be extremely low.

Field safety notice to buckle (fastener) of
h/p/cosmos safety harness chest belt

Warning message 20.02.2016

Field safety notice to ripcords
for treadmills built in 2014/2015

Warning message 10.12.2015

Field safety notice to a safety update for
the MCU5 to update the firmware to v1.02.2

Warning message 10.12.2007

Field safety notice to the
chest belt of the h/p/cosmos safety arch

Warning message 11.03.2005