Medicine & Therapy

system solution

h/p/cosmos un-weighting system airwalk ap for training, diagnostic & Rehabilitation
pulsar® 3p, with MCU5 (6 displays)
h/p/cosmos angiology
mercury® med
zebris Rehawalk for neurological rehab with h/p/cosmos treadmill
locomotion® 150/50 DE med
locomotion® 150/50 DE med
h/p/cosmos treadmill quasar with integrated Optogait measurement system
quasar® med, with MCU5 (6 Displays)
h/p/cosmos treadmill mercury med for Rehabilitation, gait training & physiotherapy
mercury® med
h/p/cosmos treadmill mercury med for Cardiac Rehabilitation
mercury® med
Optogait for Rehab & Physiotherapy
OptoGait Kit 5m
h/p/cosmos parawalk therapeutic bar training
parawalk® 3 m