What ist Optogait?

Optogait is an innovative system for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients with normal or pathological conditions. The system is equipped with optical sensors working at a frequency of 1000 Hz and having an accuracy of 1 cm, detecting the relevant space and time parameters for gait, running or other test types. The objective measurement of such data, combined with an integrated video acquisition, allows monitoring of a patient’s condition on a constant basis, detecting problem areas, assessing mechanical ineffi ciencies and rapidly verifying the existence of asymmetries between the two legs. The software platform allows easy storage of all tests carried out and the ability to recall them instantly if necessary. This allows the development of a customized patient recovery plan. It is also possible to compare very quickly and easily data of tests carried out at different times, in order to assess the validity and the effi ciency of the methodology applied.

Integration into the h/p/cosmos treadmill

The optical LED gait- and motion analysis system is integrated with the footboards of the h/p/cosmos treadmill model series stellar med, quasar med or pulsar 3p. Because of this installation, the system is invisible to the patient and there is no danger to the patient because of stumbling or slipping on the measuring system and twisting the ankle. In addition, the treadmill standard EN 957-6 is also adhered based to the prescribed footboards with slip resistance and emergency descent on the treadmill.


Video Feedback

Video Feedback

The main idea of this new feature is to show the patient directly some main parameters of the test he/she is carrying out. This allows to request real-time 'corrections' of some trial anomalies, making the test become an exercise, not only a diagnosis. Particular attention is paid to the concept of asymmetry, i.e. the difference between right and left foot (expressed in %) with respect to a particular parameter. A classic example is a treadmill gait test, where the patient has a monitor in front of him/her (better if a large-screen TV), where the operator can choose which parameter among those available to display, depending on the pathology or rehabilitation.

During the gait test, the patient receives a numerical/graphical feedback (in the form of green/orange/red colors and up/down arrow symbols) indicating what is not 'working' and how to correct it (e.g. making the left gait longer or increasing the rhythm, etc.

Advantages of the integration into the treadmill

  • subject/patient moves quickly into a natural gait pattern
  • The system saves space; very long distances can be measured and analyzed
  • subject/patient is secured against falling by the safety arch and emergency stop
  • with the robowalk gait training and airwalk unweighting (BWS body weight support system) gait correction, performance enhancement training and therapy can be performed at the same time via on-line biofeedback on the screen
  • very long measurement area of 150 cm (pulsar) or 125 cm (quasar / stellar)
  • the original anti-slip step platforms remain in full width for perfect safety
  • light barriers are extremely close to running belt due to full incorporation into step-platforms for precise measurement

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