cardiac rehabilitation

Requirements in cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation 

  • Early mobilisation – after the acute event in the hospital
  • Following the treatment in the hospital – preferably in-patient treatment in a rehab clinic – duration approx. 4 weeks
  • Out-patient rehabilitation in an outpatient rehab institution – duration generally 1 year
  • Heart groups – duration lifetime – 1 - 2x / Week

Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is the coordinated sum total of measures, which are necessary to create the best possible physical, psychological and social circumstances, for a patient with chronical or cardio-vascular illness following a recent acute incident, to be able to return to or keep their accustomed place in society out of their own power, and to restrict or to turn back the progress of the disease through improved life habits - WHO 1993.

documentation of all important cardio-vascular parameters

Heart rate controlled, the training pulse of the patient has to be kept stable through automatic load control and load control with predefined load profiles as well as manual training. A continuous ECG-recording with monitoring of heart rate, arrhythmias, oxygen lows, blood preassure is necessary as well as a data base for full documentation. The alarm has to be defined according to patient training duration and to be set for each single patient or the whole group.

A complete registration and documentation of all important cardio-vascular parameters and the connection with a hospital or surgery data base, network compatible, must be ensured.

Requirements for the equipment

A comfortable training monitoring for the therapist and an easy access to all relevant data during the training is necessary. Also an immediate training influence (load, training pulse) on the patient.

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