Easy and continuous adjustment with gas spring support

Whether in the gym, in the corridor or as a separate training system – walking bars are the ideal complement to the available treatments. The individual settings for height, width and angle of the handrails are crucial for best results, and they have to be quickly and easily adjusted during a busy working day.

The h/p/cosmos parawalk® has integrated gas piston height adjustment. Adjusting the height is child‘s play – even with just one hand. The width and angle of the hand rails can be adjusted quickly by lifting the locking lever, pushing the adjustment button for setting the height and after adjustment locking the lever again – that‘s it.

Reproducible settings with integrated scale

Once you have found the perfect setting for a patient you will want use this at the next visit straight away. Therefore, the pillars of the h/p/cosmos parawalk® have an integrated reading scale. With the help of the scale you can exactly determine the current position and reproduce simply at the next training session.

The optimum length

Depending on the space available, the positioning, the patients and therapy target, you will need the optimal walking rail design. To meet these different needs and requirements the h/p/cosmos parawalk is available with bar lengths of 3, 4 and 5 meters (118.11, 157.48 and 196.95“).

Maximum flexibility for best therapy success

To allow the best therapy success and depending from local circumstances, individualized h/p/cosmos parawalk® can be developed based on the known 3, 4 and 5 metres bar lengths. Based on this design, also longer distances can be equipped with the h/p/cosmos parawalk® and grant a therapy success.

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