Field Safety Notice: safe wiring of frequency inverter connection cables pluto® / mercury® G6

Anschluss FU FSN
21 Oct 2021

Field Safety Notice

safe wiring of frequency inverter connection cables on h/p/cosmos® treadmill series pluto® / mercury® G6

Improper cable wiring may lead to damage of the cable isolation and can lead to short circuits and malfunctions and thus may cause danger and harm to the operators, subjects/patients and/or the device.
This applies basically to all cables and wiring in all electro-mechanical devices, especially if vibrations or mechanical motion (e.g. rotating parts, motor drives, actuators, etc.) are involved. Thus make sure to follow the manufacturer’s original cable routing especially also after maintenance and/or repair service or after replacing spare parts.

Following problem (1 case and issue only, no injury) have been identified in the field:
A connection wire for the inverter has touched the rotating elevation motor shaft and the isolation was damaged. This was caused by wrong cable alignment after replacing the inverter.

After conneting the frequency inverter Schneider ATV12… [cos102156] or [cos102156-01] the wiring has to be secured/fixed with a cable tie b=3.6mm l=200mm [cos10374], so the wiring cannot touch the rotating shaft of the elevation motor when activating the elevation motor. All service engineers are advised to check and ensure correct cable routings during installations and annual maintenance and repair services.

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