Field safety notice to the chest belt of the h/p/cosmos safety arch

Field safety notice to the chest belt
11 Mar 2005

this letter is a safety warning concerning the chest belt of the h/p/cosmos safety arch. If mistakes occur through neglecting the use instructions of the chest belt by the user, and the system is put on incorrectly, it can lead to a defect. End users are currently being informed and requested to return the chest belt to h/p/cosmos for modification free of charge. After modification the chest belt will be safe even in case of incorrect use. 

With following invoice numbers customers have been supplied via you also with the respective chest belt:

Invoice number, from date...... 

All of your customers, that have bought such a chest belt from you, have to be informed immediately through you about this safety warning. We have already prepared a corresponding letter and return form, which you should use for your letter. 

The customer is requested to send the chest belt directly to h/p/cosmos and will receive a modified chest belt free of charge in return.

For details please see our enclosed letter. For further questions do not hesitate to contact us. We apologize for possible difficulties arising and thank you for your cooperation in the line of safety. With this action we all underline our motivation for safety. 

Dear Sir or Madam,

according to our documentation you are using an h/p/cosmos treadmill with the h/p/cosmos safety arch with emergency switch and respective chest belt. Hereby we officially inform you, that it is possible, under certain circumstances, to put on the chest belt incorrectly. With an incorrectly put on chest belt, in case of a fall, a shearing strain can occur at one of the seams at the back of the chest belt and one of those seams can come undone. Therefore the athlete cannot be secured anymore at all intended positions and could tip over in case of a fall, as he is only secured with the belt around the waist/hip. A few days ago we have been informed about such a case for the first time in many years, although no one got injured.

The h/p/cosmos safety arch and the corresponding chest belt have been used in fall prevention for athletes and patients for many years and with correct application have proved successful in the prevention of accidents. We explicitly point out, that the chest belt has to be put on with the h/p/cosmos logo facing the outside on the left side of the trunk across the heart and that the systems is absolutely safe if put on correctly.

In addition to internal tests at h/p/cosmos, the safety arch and the chest belt have been tested under strict criterions and extreme strain on the parts by our acknowledged and notified body. 

Enclosed you have received one example of the modified version of the „How to put on“ – instructions for the chest belt. Hereby we offer you the modification of your chest belt free of charge. After modification the danger of a shearing strain on the seams at the back of the chest belt, through incorrect putting on, is excluded. Please return your h/p/cosmos chest belt immediately to us. You will receive a modified version free of charge. Please inform all persons involved in the use of the chest belt about this letter, resp. all of your customers that might have bought such a chest belt from you. Please fill out the enclosed form within the next 10 days and include it to your return parcel of the chest belt. We would like to thank you in advance for your support and cooperation in the line of safety for all customers and users.

With cosmic regards
h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh

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