Safety Update: for chest belts (cos14903-01-SIZE ... cos14903-04-SIZE)

19 Apr 2021

April 19, 2021

Safety Update: for chest belts (cos14903-01-SIZE ... cos14903-04-SIZE)

For almost 15 years, the chest belts (cos14903-01-SIZE … cos14903-04-SIZE) for our safety arches and airwalk ap unweighting systems have been in the field and are a well-qualified tool to prevent fall and injuries for all kind of treadmill applications. Nevertheless, cleaning or disinfection with non-approved substances, lack of cleaning or irregular checking for wear and tear can lead to malfunctions and cause severe functional disorder. Therefore we again draw your attention to the declared lifetime and cleaning instructions of these products.

Lifetime: Replace after 2 years of usage or at the latest 4 years after manufacturing date. Unusual circumstances can reduce the component life of an element to a one-time usage, e.g. contact with chemicals or aggressive cleaning substances/liquids, extreme temperatures, salty or acidic atmosphere, sharp edges, extreme loads.

CLEANING of COBRA Buckles: Clean dirty COBRA components in lukewarm water (if necessary using neutral soap). Rinse them well. Dry at room temperature, never in an electric dryer or near electric radiators. Use only approved household disinfection liquids not any containing halogen as needed. The joints of all metal parts must be re-lubricated with a dry lubricant regularly, particularly following cleaning (such dry lubricants perform their lubricating function even when in a dry state so that no dust or dirt can cling to it).

THINGS TO CHECK BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER EACH USE: Make sure that the COBRA component has no cracks, deformations, fractures, fissures or signs of corrosion and that all components are firmly attached to each other. Make sure that the male part and the female part belong to the same component group. Check the riveting and the perfect functioning of the clips. Make sure that the buckle closes tightly and securely. Ensure both before and during usage that the buckle is correctly closed.

In one case inadequate cleaning/use caused the following malfunction: due to corrosion, the buckle was no longer closing tightly and securely as the clamps were no longer functionally fixing the male part of the buckle. This led to a potential dangerous situation for the subject on the treadmill when stumbling or falling into the chest belt.

The following reasons for this wear and tear could be identified:

  1. non-approved and/or excessive disinfection and cleaning due to COVID 19 regulations and inadequate lubrication of the moving parts
  2. exposure to salt caused by sweat and/or nearby sea environment

Always make sure to have all safety systems checked by authorized and trained personnel prior to any use of such. Check all parts for smooth function and in case of any signs of wear and tear, malfunction or doubt, immediately inform the responsible in charge and/or replace the item.

Re-lubricate the metal joints regularly after cleaning to guarantee a smooth operation and to avoid friction that might lead to a malfunction. We recommend the regular use of the dry lubricant cos104213.