Antarctic gear testing at the terraXcube

terraXcube testing quasar MCU6
19 May 2022

-40°C and harsh winds. A perceived temperature of -70°C. Truly extreme conditions!
But at the same time: the perfect setup to test special gear for Antarctic expeditions under almost realistic conditions. One of the places in Europe to simulate such extreme conditions is the terraXcube at the Eurac Research in Bolzano (IT). D'air Lab tested a new suit for these very special conditions in the climate and environmental chamber and relied on the quasar® MCU6 treadmill as the tool to simulate physical activity in this environment!

We are proud seeing the quasar® MCU6 treadmill being a very reliable and resolute tool under such extreme conditions! Thank you Eurac Research and D-Air lab for the trust and we wish the best of success with your innovative product.

Photo & Video Credits: @dairlabofficial

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