Condolence Dr. Abdelaziz ElNemr

05 Feb 2020

It is with deep sadness and personal dismay that we learned of our dear friend Dr. Abdelaziz ElNemr from FitGym Egypt passing away on January 17, 2020. We, the entire h/p/cosmos family, were shattered by the loss of a close and long-term friend and business partner. Our honest and sincere condolence is addressed to all his family and friends.

Now, with some days being passed, we want to look back on the unique friend- and partnership with Dr. Abdelaziz and share some thoughts and memories will all of you: Dr. Abdelaziz was a noteworthy gentlemen with a great family and outstanding levels of social values as well as excellent business ethics. Not only the mutual trust and commitment made him a friend of ours; it was also his open and friendly, humorous and unique personality that marked his iconic character. His great personality made him a close and unique friend of our team and family – not only during business events but also during private and family events. We were delighted to name him one of the special guests of our CEO’s wedding party few years ago.

The h/p/cosmos family is grateful and proud having known Dr. Abdelaziz. His death leaves a big gap.

Rest in peace our dear friend and our prayers are with you.
We wish his family all the power to handle this situation.