Human Movement Laboratory at Carnegie School of Sports

Carnegie Labs gaitway 3d
11 Apr 2022

When researches, industry or elite sports facilities are talking about instrumented treadmills that allow the precise and combined measurement of 3D forces and pressure, there is no way to miss the gaitway® 3d.

The Carnegie School of Sports of Leeds Beckett University (recently ranked among the best sports schools internationally) takes us on a brief tour through their Human Movement Laboratory. Dr. Gareth Nicholson highlights the major applications of the instrumented treadmill in this facility: the seamless combination of different data streams (e.g. 3 directional ground reaction forces, pressure distribution, torques and 3D motion data) allows a unique assessment of athlete performance as well as injury risk and the detection of asymmetries.

With this amazing device in experts’ hands, the university is now adding value to the course programme, the students’ education but also enables professional sports clubs such as Leeds United FC to put their athletes’ analysis to the next level!


Thank you very much Carnegie School of Sports for this amazing insight and we wish the best of success with the equipment!