New reference centre at Vinmec International Hospital Hanoi

Reference centre hanoi vinmec
13 Jan 2023

Last week, our application specialist Dr. Bjoern Zimmermann visited Vinmec International Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam. Together with Peng Liu from our partner proxomed and their local partner Rehaso, we had a great time when training the local teams on the recently installed devices!

Different floors required different trainings: the functional area got upgraded with a kardiomed 521 (pluto ef) including safety arch and the new motion lab is now set for gait, running and motion analysis! Vinmec’s motion lab yet consists of a quasar med treadmill with built in zebris pressure distribution measurement as well as a 3 m stand alone zebris pressure deck and these systems will be retrofitted and synchronized with Noraxon MR3 and EMG soon!

We would like to thank all partners involved in this project for the trust and commitment and wish the customers and of course patients a lot of success with these new tools!

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