1. „h/p/cosmos Bavarian mastery“ in the triathlon

h/p/cosmos Bavarian mastery in the triathlon
30 Jun 2013

2nd Chiemsee-triathlon on June 06th, 2013
in Chieming at Chiemsee

Already in 2012 the h/p/cosmos team with numerous sportsmen took part in Chiemsee-triathlon.

The reason to be appeared in 2013 as a  sponsor for “h/p/cosmos Bavarian mastery” was the generally successful first holding. Both on the triathlon fair, and in the final awards ceremony h/p/cosmos was represented. The overall winners were certainly accompanied by the h/p/cosmos guide cyclists, Wolfgang Petry, Marc Eicher, Robert Hübner, Martin Überegger and Alexander plank, to the finish.

The Bavarian champions were congratulated by Hannah Zenz, Beatrice Steigerwald and Michael Heser. With starters, exhibition staff, leadership cyclists and spectators almost half the workforce was represented at this major sporting event. Apart from the enormous public appeal and the performance of individual athletes could be very positive. Both the two short distance scales of h/p/cosmos I (Christian Gries, Andreas Würtinger, Patrick Kühn) and h/p/cosmos II (Martin Überegger, Ronja Nachstedt, Andreas Klimm), as well as the individual starters on the middle distance, Simon Ziegltrum and Joschka Zimmer could look forward to a successful participation and good performance. The results of the h/p/cosmos Relay and individual athletes, please visit :