1st SpeedLab Workshop in Moscow, Russia

pulsar 3p
30 Jun 2012

June 30th, 2012

Together with our cooperation partners Global Speed (Frank Eppelmann, Armin von Kracht), The Running School (Mike Antoniades) and the functional training expert Lamar Lowery we presented this new speed concept together with our high speed treadmill pulsar 3p + h/p/cosmos robowalk and sprinttrainer h/p/cosmos comet 3p.

SpeedLab® is a new innovative high-tech concept that is focused on competition for motivated athletes and coaches, a modern athletic trainingsystem specialized in variable speed training and healthy workout. 

Key facts about SpeedLab:

  • measuring and improving of game speed, agility, first step explosiveness and jumping skills
  • direction changes and cognitive skills
  • appropriate intensity – low extent of training
  • easy usage, clear data and evaluations
  • actual speedcheck, long term studies, group comparison