airwalk® ap – adjustable gravity

28 Feb 2017

Safety. Unweighting. Gait correction.

Advantages of the airwalk® ap system

  • Early start of treatment through individual unweighting

  • Weight reduction up to 80 kg

  • Full manual and visual access to the patient´s legs and pelvis

  • Combination of fall-prevention fall-stopp and automatic stop of the running belt   

  • 360° rotations, downhill and uphill running / walking is possible

  • Hygienic and easy to clean; low maintenance

  • Concentric and eccentric forces through the patented robowalk

  • Low entry height only a few cm; optional wheelchair ramp

With the airwalk® ap system for adjustable gravity you can start with your gait training and functional training very early after an injury. 360° rotations are possible: side steps and backward movements, as well as uphill and downhill.

You have full access and free sight to the legs, pelvis and upper body of the patient - also with the robowalk® expander system. The therapist can create concentric and eccentric forces through the patented robowalk® expander system. The system has high hygienic standards, is easy to clean and is of low maintenance.

Patient´s can enter the treadmill easily because of the low entry height of only a few cm.

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Video with Frank Haile (Head of Physiotherapy VFB Rehawelt)


More information about the product and a high performance system configuration: