Consulting Sessions with Dr. Matthias Marquardt

Laufanalyse auf h/p/cosmos quasar
31 Aug 2020

Many runners and athletes face pain during or after their training sessions. Well-known German doctor and author of the "running bible" Dr. med. Matthias Marquardt joined forces with Artzt to analyse the most relevant of these problems, to demonstrate therapies and sum these up in short videos.

10 runners got selected to show a large scope of trainings specific problems and give each a personal insight to their problem. Dr. med. Matthias Marquardt held a initival talk with the patient before performing a running analysis on an h/p/cosmos quasar treadmill. All consultation sessions ended with a therapeutic sessions and a personal therapy plan for each patient.

All videos are available in a YouTube playlist.

We would like to thank both Artzt GmbH and Dr. med. Matthias Marquardt for the great effort and the professional production.