Expanded partnership with Noraxon U.S.A, Inc.

gaitway 3d
03 Jun 2019

Customers around the globe already rely on our h/p/cosmos built treadmills with pressure distribution sensors by zebris Medical. We are happy to announce that this great product will going forward be sold exclusively in the USA by our long-term partner Noraxon USANoraxon USA is a widely known name in the biomechanical sector and well-established in all related fields. Furthermore, Noraxon USA will exclusively sell our latest development for biomechanical research-grade treadmills, the h/p/cosmos gaitway 3d, in the USA.

The h/p/cosmos gaitway 3d is a state of the art treadmill, enabling forces measurement in 3d and torque on a single-belt treadmill. The system provides probably the most natural walking and running on a treadmill and is excellent for research in sports and medical. The h/p/cosmos gaitway 3d is available in different sizes, that all can optionally be equipped with Zebris’ pressure distribution technology as well. 
A new stage in biomechanics that we recently presented on the ACSM annual meeting in Orlando!

Noraxon´s lab software myoRESEARCH 3 offers a full integration of the gaitway 3d, guaranteeing an absolute synchronization for different data streams, like 3d forces from the gaitway 3d, pressure distribution from the optional Zebris deck and further Noraxon technologies, such as EMG, IMU or high-speed video.

Thank you for the trust and the expanded partnership!