FIBO 2014

03 Apr 2014

FIBO 2014 was very succesful for us and we would like to thank all visitors and friends who came to our booth. The SpeedLab® concept with the SpeedCourt, the protoype of the new airwalk® and the ladder ergometer discovery® were real viewer magnets.

We exhibited the h/p/cosmos mercury® med with robowalk® expander, roborun®, pulsar® 3p, quasar®med, airwalk®, locomotion®, with integrated zebris force and pressure sensors and gait analysis software, discovery®, robomove®, sprint trainer comet® 3p, SpeedLab®, SpeedCourt®, Running School®, motion analysis Systems with para motion® and SIMI® Aktisys® real time software, DynamicMovementSkills (DMS®), Microgate® Optogait®, Optojump®, Witty® time measurement system.