Field safety notice to buckle (fastener) of h/p/cosmos safety harness chest belt

safety notice safety harness chest belt
08 Mar 2016

Our buckle/fastener supplier informed us recently about a field safety notice concerning the COBRA® buckles. It is possible that the rivets of the buckles have not been press fixed. The probability of this error is very small (approx. 1 case among 2 million pieces). h/p/cosmos installs these buckles into the safety harnesses used for the treadmills as a fall prevention. In case of an incorrect affixation of the rivets, the buckles would show malfunctions.

Risk assessment:

h/p/cosmos has been using and checking the COBRA® buckles for more than 10 years. Within the incoming and outgoing inspections h/p/cosmos has been performing a functional and safety inspection. At h/p/cosmos there has never been any malfunction of a COBRA® buckles so far. Within each annually required maintenance and safety checks, an authorized service technician checks all safety- related functions of your device. All consumables (also textile parts like the safety harness) are checked as well. If needed they are replaced.

According to our instructions for use, also the user has to perform a daily preventive maintenance and visual inspection. This preventive maintenance includes safety checks and monitoring work of safety equipment and basic functions.